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K10017472ab   037121 U-TBI-3 BINO. T.TUBE HIGH E.P
12v30w635   12 v 30w 2 pin halogen bulb- G 6.35 base
12v50w635   12 v 50w 2 pin halogen bulb- G 6.35 base
12V100W2pin   12V 100W 2 pin halogen bulb
Osram---HLX64626   12V 100W PG22 2-pin Capsule
12v100wgz635   12v 100w reflector bulb gz6.35 base
ERW-19p-12V   12V 18W G3.9 57mm Reflector - limited stock!
12v20w635   12V 20W 2 pin halogen G6.35 base
12V 50W 2 pin   12V 50W 2 pin halogen bulb
13347W   13347W 6V 15W BA 15D type bulb
EPX   14.5V 90W 2 pin projector bulb EPX
EFR   15V 150W projector bulb 2 pin EFR
86.900   160 tubelength - Achromatic Semi-Plan Objective DIN SMP 100x/N.A. 1.25
86.893   160 tubelength - Achromatic Semi-Plan Objective DIN SMP 10x N.A. 0.25
86.894   160 tubelength - Achromatic Semi-Plan Objective DIN SMP 20x N.A. 0.40
86.897   160 tubelength - Achromatic Semi-Plan Objective DIN SMP 40x N.A. 0.65
86.891   160 tubelength - Achromatic Semi-Plan Objective DIN SMP 4x N.A. 0.10
VC.3521   21 inch color monitor
K10017026   30007 CL-TISSUE
K10017173   35001 19-10/10 EYEPIECE MICROMETER
K10017175   35004 19-10/100 EYEPIECE MICROMETER
K10017176   35005 19-CROSS HAIR ONLY EYEP MICRO
K10017178   35007 19-CROSS 10/100 X EYEP MICRO
K10017179   35008 19-CROSS 10/100 XY EYEP MICRO
K10017184   35013 19-SQUARE 10/10X10 EYEP MICRO
K10017185   35014 19-SQ 10/100X100 EYEP MICRO
K10017195   35030 24-10/100 EYEPIECE MICRO
K10017196   35031 24-CROSS HAIR ONLY EYEP MICRO
K10017197   35032 24-CROSS 10/100 XY EYEP MICRO
K10017200   35035 24-SQUARE 10/10X10 EYEP MICRO
K10017201   35036 24-SQ 10/100X100 EYEP MICRO
K10017204   35040 20.4-10/100 EYEP MICRO
K10017205   35041 20.4-CROSS HAIR EYEP MICRO
K10017206   35042 20.4-10/100 EYEP MICRO
K10017207   35043 20.4-10/100 XY EYEP MICRO
K10017209   35045 20.4-SQUARE 7/7X7 EYEP MICRO
K10017211   35047 20.4-SQ 10/10X10 EYEP MICRO
K10017212   35048 20.4-10/100X10 EYEP MICRO
K10017215   35053 24-10/100 X EYEPIE MICROM
K10017220   35070 U-OCM10/100 EYEP.MICRO 24MM
K10017241   35072 U-OCMC10/100X EYEP.MICRO 24MM
K10017222   35073 U-OCMC10/100XY EYEP.MICRO 24M
K10017223   35074 U-OCMSQ5/5 EYEP.MICRO. SQ.24M
K10017224   35077 U-OCMSQ10/10 EYEP.MICRO. SQ.2
K10017225   35078 U-OCMSQ10/100 EYEP.MICRO.SQ.2
K10017239   35144 45IF-550 FILTER F. CK2-SL
K10017242   35153 45G-533 COLOR BALANCE FILTER
K10017299   35487 018 DUST COVER F.BX2
K10017300   35488 001 DUST COVER F.SDO
K10017301   35489 002 DUST COVER F.MDOB
K10017438   37031 SWH10X-H/26.5 SW EYEPIECE
K10017475ab   37142 U-SPT STRAIGHT FOTOTUBE TR-H
K10017509   37223 U-EPA2 EYEPOINT ADJUSTER
K10017665   37820 45-LBD-IF IF DAYLIGHT B-FILT
K10017666   37821 45-ND6 NEUTRAL GREY-FILTER 6%
K10017667   37822 45-ND25 NEUTRAL GREY-FILT 25
K10017684   37847 BX45-PO POLARIZER F.BX45
K10017685   37849 U-FC FILTER CASSETTE TL
K10017687   37853 U-ANT ANALYZER F.TL
K10017689   37855 U-POT POLARIZER F.TL
K10017690   37859 U-GAN GOUT ANALYZER F.TL
K10017694   37863 U-TP530 TINT PLATE RED #I
K10017695   37864 U-TP137 QUATER WAVELENGTH
K10017707   37881 U-DICT DIC PRISM SLIDER TL
K10017826ab   38331 U-TBI-3-CLI TIL.TUBE/UPSIDE-D
N5685700   46S-LBA4
6v10wg4   6V 10W bulb - 2 pin G4 base
6v20wg4   6V 20W bulb - 2 pin G4 base
6V 20W 2 pin   6V 20W 2 pin halogen bulb
6v30wg4   6V 30W bulb - 2 pin G4 base
6V 30W 2 pin   6V 30W 2 pin halogen bulb
PB.5037   Achromatic diamond magnifier 10x
PB.5032   Achromatic magnifier 10x, triplet
PB.5033   Achromatic magnifier 20x, triplet
1100103800043   AE2000 Binocular inverted phase microscope
1100103800054   AE2000 trinocular inverted phase microscope
PB.5048   Anastigmatic measuring magnifier 4x
PB.5036   Aplanatic magnifier 10x, doublet
PB.5018   Aplanatic magnifier 15x, doublet.
PB.5016   Aplanatic magnifier 6x, doublet
1100100501122   B1-223E-SP - new elite model
1101001403361   BA200/210 Widefield eyepiece N-WF10X/20mm with diopter adjustment
1101001402051   BA200/210 Widefield eyepiece N-WF12.5X/18mm with diopter adjustment
1101001402061   BA200/210 Widefield eyepiece N-WF15X/16mm with diopter adjustment
BA210-200-310-polset   BA210/200/300/310 simple add on analyzer/polarizer
1100100401701   BA310 Microscope with face to face dual viewing attachment - complete
1100100401641   BA310 Microscope with side by side dual viewing attachment - complete
1100100402262   BA310 POL Trinocular (0:100 option)
PB.5181   Black plastic slide box for 25 slides
E0430158   BS89 POWER CORD UK
000000-0402-943-   Bulb 6V 30W Halogen -Zeiss Axiovert 25/Axiolab
0.65xsmz168   c-mount 0.65x for smz168
c-mountattchwildm3   C-mount photo attachment to fit Wild M3
5310025   Carrying case for Motic SFC series microscopes
DC.3000p   CCMEX3 P digital 3 Mpix USB-2 CMOS
DC.1300c   CMEX-1 digital 1.3 Mpix USB-2 CMOS camera
DC.10000Pro   CMEX-10 PRO (DC.10000-Pro)
DC.18000-Pro   CMEX-18 PRO (DC.18000-Pro)
DC.3000c   CMEX-3C digital 3 Mpix USB-2 CMOS camera
DC5000c   CMEX-5 digital 5 Mpix USB-2 CMOS camera
DC5000p   CMEX-5 digital pro 5 Mpix USB-2 CMOS camera
PE100-white   CoolLED pE-100-White led illuminator
pE300ultra   CoolLED pE-300 Ulta
PE300-white   CoolLED pE-300-White led illuminator
pe4000a   CoolLED pE-4000 fluorescence led illuminator
PE100a   CoolLED PE100 LED Fluorescence Kit
PB.5165   Cover glasses 18 x 18 mm
PB.5168   Cover glasses 22 x 22 mm
PB.5170   Coverglasses, 18 mm diameter, 100 pieces
Deluxecleaning   Deluxe Microscope Cleaning kit - everything that is needed to keep microscopes clean and last longer is packed in one kit
PB-5112   Dissecting set, 9-parts
PB-5114   Dissecting set, 9-parts in wooden case
10-447-202   Educational StereLLeica ES2 microscope, 2-step, 10x/30x, Integrated LED Illumination Leica ES2
eke   eke 21v 150w reflector bulb
EPN   EPN 12V 35 reflector bulb
VC.6500   Eurocam desk top CCD camera 440 pixels
msac1973   EuroLED 144 Ring light
msac19732   EuroLED 60 LED Ring light
vc-3030   Euromex HD-Mini color camera - hdmi, usb and sd
ZE.1624-20   Euromex StereoZoom ZE 1624-20
LE.5209   Euromex 20W cold light illuminator with light guide
DZ.1100   Euromex binocular 1:10 zoom stereo microscope
DZ.1105   Euromex binocular 1:10 zoom stereo microscope
DZ.1600   Euromex binocular 1:6,3 zoom stereo microscope
DZ.1605   Euromex binocular 1:6.3 zoom stereo microscope
DZ.1800   Euromex binocular 1:8 zoom stereo microscope
DZ.1805   Euromex binocular 1:8 zoom stereo microscope
ME.2070   Euromex binocular asbestos research microscope
ME.2660   Euromex binocular metallurgical microscope
OX.3020   EUROMEX binocular microscope for bright field
OX.3030   EUROMEX binocular microscope for bright field
ME.2880   Euromex binocular polarizing microscope
ME.2890   Euromex binocular polarizing microscope
BB.4260   Euromex BioBlue Binocular microscope
BB.4200   Euromex BioBlue Monocular microscope
BB.4220   Euromex BioBlue Monocular microscope
BB.4220-P   Euromex BioBlue monocular polarisation microscope
BB.1152-PLPHi-   Euromex BioBlue phase .Lab binocular contrast microscope BB.1152-PLPHi
BB.1152-PLi   Euromex BioBlue.Lab binocular microscope
BB.1153-PLi-   Euromex BioBlue.Lab trinocular microscope
BB.1153-PLPHi-   Euromex BioBlue.Lab trinocular microscope
RF.5510   Euromex Brix hand refractometer 0-10 Brix
RF.5520   Euromex Brix hand refractometer 0-20 Brix
RF.5532   Euromex Brix hand refractometer 0-32 Brix
RF.5580   Euromex Brix hand refractometer 0-80 Brix
RF.5562   Euromex Brix hand refractometer 28-62 Brix
RF.5582   Euromex Brix hand refractometer 40-82 Brix
RF.5592   Euromex Brix hand refractometer 58-92 Brix
VC.3032   Euromex CCD 473.820 pixel high resolution color camera
RF.5612   Euromex clinical handrefractometer
DC5000WIFI   Euromex CMEX-WIFI 5 microscope camera
EC.1005   Euromex EcoBlue Digital microscope
EC.1105   Euromex EcoBlue Digital microscope
EC.1605   Euromex EcoBlue Digital microscope
EC.1005gift   Euromex EcoBlue Digital microscope gift kit
EC.1001   Euromex EcoBlue Monocular microscope
EC.1101   Euromex EcoBlue Monocular microscope
EC.1601   Euromex EcoBlue Monocular microscope
EC.2001-POL   Euromex EcoBlue Monocular polarization microscope
EC.2101-POL   Euromex EcoBlue Monocular polarization microscope
EC.2601-POL   Euromex EcoBlue Monocular polarization microscope
ED-1802-S   Euromex Edu blue stereomicroscope 1802-S
vc3031   Euromex HD-Lite color camera hdmi, usb and sd
vc3036   Euromex HD-Ultra color camera hdmi, usb and sd
IS..1153-PLPHi   Euromex i Scope phase trinocular outfit
IS.1158PLPHi   Euromex iScope LED phase microscope with tilting bino head
iScopeHaematology   Euromex iScope trinocular LED outfit for Haematology
iScopepathology   Euromex iScope trinocular LED outfit for Pathology
iScope50x   Euromex iScope trinocular LED outfit incl 10x,20x,50xoil and 100x
MB.1152   Euromex MicroBlue Binocular microscope
MB1001   Euromex MicroBlue Monocular microscope MB.1001
MB1151   Euromex MicroBlue Monocular microscope MB.1051 - incl 100x oil and mech stage
MB1051   Euromex MicroBlue Monocular microscope MB.1051 - WITH mech stage
RF.5635   Euromex Oechsle handrefractometer
OXion-trino50x   Euromex Oxion 10x, 20x, 50x oil,100x(oil) LED microscope -plan objectives
OX.3065   Euromex Oxion 4x,10x,40x,100x(oil) LED microscope - semi apochromatic objectives
OX.3035   Euromex Oxion 4x,10x,40x,100x(oil) LED microscope -plan objectives
OX.3025   Euromex Oxion 4x,10x,40xLED microscope -plan objectives
OX5602   Euromex Oxion 2 viewer system
OX5603   Euromex Oxion 3 viewer system
OX5605   Euromex Oxion 5 viewer system
OX.3047   Euromex Oxion phase contrast 10x, 40x, 100x microscope - darkfied up to 40x
OX.3045   Euromex Oxion phase contrast 10x-100x microscopes
DC.3000s   Euromex sCMEX-3 digital high end 3.0 Mpix USB-2 sCMOS camera
ED.1302-P   Euromex stereo microscope EduBlue
ED.1805-S   Euromex stereo microscope EduBlue
ED.1302-P-giftkit   Euromex stereo microscope EduBlue gift kit - all ages
ZE.1624-17   Euromex StereoZoom
ZE.1624-40   Euromex StereoZoom
ZE.1654-17   Euromex StereoZoom
ZE.1654-20   Euromex StereoZoom
ZE.1654-40   Euromex StereoZoom
ZE.1670-17   Euromex StereoZoom
ZE.1670-20   Euromex StereoZoom

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