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About CoolLED ( taken from their site)

CoolLED uses bare LED semiconductor die as the building-block of its LED designs and products. Individual or matrices of LEDs are actively-cooled to achieve the highest performance. This is not possible using commercially-available packaged LED parts. As a result, CoolLED can offer higher levels of intensity, stability and lifetime from its LED products.

In addition, the company has developed optical design know-how for the harnessing and delivery of LED light. Optical design capability exists to complement the LED performance and offer high performance products.

There are three divisions within the CoolLED group: Life Sciences & Analytical, Industrial and Design. The Design division offers a service from proof-of-principle design to complete working units for companies (OEMs) wishing to incorporate opto-mechanical LED assemblies within their own products. The Industrial division offers complete products for applications such as UV curing and printing. The Life Sciences & Analytical division concentrates on applications for Biosciences.

The CoolLED Vision

To be the leading provider of illumination systems for niche technology applications

Our Values

  • Passionate about using technology to make things better
  • Pioneering and creative in the use of science to solve problems
  • Dedicated to win-win relationships with our customers, shareholders, partners and suppliers
  • Intent on engaging, developing and retaining great people
  • Open and respectful about what we do in a no-blame culture
  • Respectful of the environment in which we work
  • Committed to adding value in everything we do
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CoolLED PE100 LED Fluorescence Kit
CoolLED PE100 LED Fluorescence Kit
List Price: £1,350.00 (£1,620.00 inc VAT)
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Savings: £300.00