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We are very excited to introduce the new Q-Scope range of digital microscope

Q-scope digital microscopes;

High quality real time images

The Q-scope product range of handheld digital microscopes offer the best solution for a broad range of applications like

Industrial quality control ( Industrial/electronics quality control),Paper, Textiles, Graphical, Jewellery/Watch repairs,
Medical & Life sciences, Forensics, Science & Education, Art Restoration, Home And Hobby and many other fields

The handheld digital microscopes are easy to use and can be mounted on 3 basic stands and 8 professional stands for easy and precise positioning.



Wired USB Q-scope
LITE (1.2 MP - 180x)+ metal stand


Wired USB Q-scope(9.0 MP - 200x)with polarizer

Wired USB
Q-scope LITE
(1.2 MP - 180x)


Wired USB Q-scope(2.0 MP - 500x)


Wi-Fi / USBQ-scope
(1.3 MP - 100x) withpolarizer



QS.MS10Metal Positioningstand -3D positioner QS.MS20 Metal Gooseneckstand - fixedpositionerQS.MS40-AMetal Boom-armstand - fixedpositioner QS.MS40-BMetal Boom-arm stand -3D positionerQS.MS40-CMetal Boom-armstand with fineadjustment - fixedpositioner


QS.MS40-DMetal Boom-armstand with fine adjustment- 3D positioner QS.MS45-AMetal Articulated-armstand - fixed positionerQS.MS45-B Metal Articulated-arm stand - 3D positioner QS.MS45-C Metal Articulated-arm standwith fine adjustment - fixed positioner QS.MS45-D Metal Articulated-arm standwith fineadjustment - 3D positioner