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Upgrade Your Olympus microscope
  > Bx series of scopes
    • BX accessories - dust covers, bulbs, etc
    • BX eyepieces
    • BX graticules
    • BX lluminations incl bulbs
    • Viewing heads
  > Olympus graticules
  > Upgrade your SZX stereomicroscope
    • Eyepieces for SZX
    • Graticules for SZX
    • Olympus C-mount adapters - SZX/BX
Novex microscopes - Novex B
Objectives 160 tubelength RMS thread
Phototubes/Drawing attachments
Microscope Eyepiece Graticules/ Stage Micrometers
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  > DM1000/2000/2500/3000/4000
  > DM500/750
  > MZ series
  > S series stereomicroscope
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  > BA200/300/400
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  > SMZ 161/171
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  > Stereomicroscopes
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  > Screen based microscope
  > stereo microscopes
    • Stereo microscopes 4:1 to 6:1 zoom
    • Stereo microscopes 7 + zoom
    • stereo microscopes with step magnfications
  > Inverted microscopes
Microscopes with removable cameras
Q Scopes - Digital Handheld Microscopes
Second hand/Ex demo
stereo microscopes
  > Stereo microscopes upgradeable for fluorescence
  > Stereo microscopes with plain stands
  > Stereo microscopes with transmitted and incident light
Teaching microscopes
  > stereomicroscopes
  > Upright
Digimicroscopes ( microscopes with built in cameras)
Polarizing microscopes
Cordless/Field microscopes
Dual head and multiple viewing head discussion systems
Fluorescence microscopes
Darkfield Microscopes
Microscope Bulbs
Reflector Bulbs
Special base bulbs
XBO/HBO burners
Halogen 2 pin capsule bulbs
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Euromex Microscopes, cameras and accessories
  > Euromex inverted microscopes
  > Euromex refractometers, magnifiers and measuring microscopes
  > Euromex stereomicroscopes
  > Euromex upright compound microscopes
  > Euromex cameras
  > Euromex digiscopes
  > Euromex Illuminators
Leica Microscopes
  > Stereo microscopes
  > Upright compound microscopes
  > Leica Inverted Microscopes
MOTIC microscopes
  > Motic cameras
  > Motic Inverted microscopes
  > Motic stereo microscopes
  > Motic upright compound microscopes
  > Motic Digiscopes
  > Motic Panthera Microscope
Olympus microscopes
  > Olympus microscopes and cameras
Microscope Cameras
Cmos Cameras - 1-10mp
integrated monitor and camera systems, incl touchscreen options
Multi output camera
Leica Microscope Cameras
Wifi cameras
Microscope CCD digital camera
Cooled cameras (ideal for fluorescence)
Microscope Illumination incl LED fluorescence
LED fluorescence
Photonics Lightsources
  > LED
    • Cold Light
Schott Illuminators
Universal illuminatora
Cold light
Microscopes - Shop By Application
Asbestos microscopes
  > Asbestos counting compound microscope
  > Stereo microscopes - asbestos
Bacteriology microscopes
  > Bacteriology compound microscope
Biochemistry microscopes
  > Biochemistry compound microscope
  > Stereo microscopes - Entomology
Haematology microscopes
  > Haematology compound microscope
Histopathology microscopes
  > Histopathology compound microscope
  > Stereo microscopes - Jeweller
Marine Biology microscopes
  > marine biology compound microscope
  > Stereo microscopes - marine biology
Microbiology microscopes
  > Microbiology compound microscope
  > Stereo microscopes - Microbiology
Microscopes for Breweries
  > Microscopes for Breweries compound
Microscopes for Paper analysis
  > Stereo microscopes - paper
Microscopes for Vets
  > Compound microscopes
  > Microscope with heated stages
  > stereomicroscopes
Neuropathology microscopes
  > Stereo microscopes - Neuropathology
Paleontology microscopes
  > Paleontology compound microscope
  > Stereo microscopes - Paleontology
  > Stereo microscopes - PCB
Stereo microscopes - cosmetics
Stereo microscopes -food and beverage
Textiles microscopes
  > Stereo microscopes - Textile
  > Textile compound microscope
Virology microscopes
  > Stereo microscopes - Virology
  > Virology compound microscope
Zoology microscopes
  > Asbestos ID compound microscope
  > Stereo microscopes - Zoology
  > Zoology compound microscope
Microscope for school
Pocket Microscopes
Microscope Accessories
  > Manual
Slides and coverslips
Microscope Stages
  > Manual Measuring
  > Mechanical stages
  > Motorised stages
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