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Motic BA410E Elite   trinocular  microscope Olympus CKX 53 fluorescent inverted microscope with Coolled PE2 illuminator..pre-used  but immaculate
NEW BA410 ELITE Series - AVAILABLE with the following options: fluorescence (LED or Mercury), Phase contrast, apo objectives, Multi viewer ( 2,3,5) discussion device!! - please contact us for price/more info!

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Clinical & Lab Microscope Platform

The Elite version of Motic’s established BA410 flagship model displays the highest level of optical performance.

A complete set of Plan Apochromatic lenses is now available ( optional )for maximum demands in colour reproduction and resolution. The BA410E allows a profound diagnosis in pathology, haematology and cytology with their requirements for best colour fidelity. Increased Numerical Apertures provide an expanded resolution power for a more detailed specimen evaluation.

The AUTO ON-OFF function with its energy-saving aspect improves lab safety: a final instrument check before closing time is no longer necessary. A light memory function, based on a coded 6-fold nosepiece, memorizes the light intensity of each nosepiece position. When changing to a specific objective, the last illumination setup of this position is recalled. Once coordinated, there is no need to adjust the illumination when changing magnification. For increased illumination power, a 100W Halogen version is available.

The rackless stage concept, well known from BA210/BA310 Elite models, is now adopted in this flagship model. A ceramic stage insert for highest abrasion resistance guarantees a perfectly flat placing of the glass slide for a lifetime.

Main Features

  • Optional Plan Apochromatic lenses
  • AUTO ON-OFF function
  • Light memory function, coded 6-fold nosepiece
  • Ceramic stage insert

Olympus ckx53 sf led microscope fine and coarse focus, quadruple revolving nosepiece.

Binocular head with photoport

Ckx3-MVR Mechanical x/y stage with ckx3-houn stage insert

Eyepieces 10x/22 adjustable x2

Objective plan n 2x/0.06

Objective plan c n 10x/o.25

Condenser with shutter

Fluorescence attachment with blue, green filters

Cooled pe2 4 wavelength led fluorescence illumination with control pod, light guides and collimator

only a few years old, in excellent condition. Worth £14-15k ex vat new