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We are able to service and repair most makes and models of microscopes. We can either come to you ( Scotland) or for smaller quantities, we are also happy for you to send your scope to us.

  1. Microscopes disassembled
  2. Stand cleaned
  3. Mechanical components cleaned and checked for flaws.
  4. Components re-lubriciated - wherever possible
  5. Microscope re-assembled
  6. Optics cleaned and checked.
  7. Illumination/optics aligned
  8. A final mechanical/optical quality check is carried out
  9. A service report issued highlighting any flaws found.

We deal with NHS, University, Research, Industrial and Veterinary Establishments.

Over the 40 year's we have built up good relationships with many of the microscope manufacturer's and are ideally suited in providing expert advice on various microscopes.